Eastham Kettle Ponds Restoration and Monitoring

Project Details

Client Town of Eastham, MA
Dates 2015, ongoing
Location Cape Cod, MA

EcoLogic teamed with GHD in Barnstable, Massachusetts, to complete a Pond Action Plan for inland kettle ponds in the Town of Eastham on Cape Cod. This effort, which was part of a comprehensive wastewater management planning project, resulted in recommendations to protect and restore several kettle ponds that were exhibiting symptoms of phosphorus over-enrichment. Two ponds, Herring Pond and Great Pond, were subsequently treated with alum to reduce phosphorus flux from the pond sediments. EcoLogic staff documented the impairments, characterized the nature of the water and soil chemistry, supported the town with permit applications, and worked with a certified applicator during the alum treatment programs. We were also responsible for water quality monitoring during and after the chemical treatment programs. Results of the treatment programs have been very positive.