Mountain View and Indian Lakes Restoration

Project Details

Client Town of Bellmont, NY
Dates 2013-2017
Location Franklin County, NY

The Town of Bellmont contracted with EcoLogic to (1) evaluate the state of two lakes within the Salmon River drainage basin, (2) document impairments to recreational and navigational access, and (3) investigate the feasibility of sediment removal by dredging as a lake restoration technique. Scientists from EcoLogic completed an aquatic habitat survey of the entire littoral zone, a sediment testing program to evaluate the physical and chemical nature of the lake sediments, and an initial survey for potential sediment dewatering sites. We have developed public information materials and met with local residents and elected officials. In addition, EcoLogic facilitated a meeting at Adirondack Park Agency (APA) headquarters in Ray Brook to consult with representatives of the APA, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District. EcoLogic continues to support the town in its effort to restore the lake for recreational uses. Visit the Town of Bellmont website to learn more about the Mountain View/Indian Lake Study.