Onondaga Lake Rehabilitation Guidance: 2020 Vision Project

Project Details

Client Onondaga Lake Partnership
Dates 2005-2007
Location Onondaga County, NY

The Onondaga Lake Partnership was created to promote cooperation among government agencies and other parties involved in managing the environmental issues of Onondaga Lake and its watershed. In 2005, the Partnership selected EcoLogic to facilitate the “2020 Vision Project – Engaging the Community in the Future of Onondaga Lake,” in order to support development of a community-based vision for the future of Onondaga Lake. Our team began holding focus groups and interviews with stakeholders, brought displays to places where people gather (Onondaga Lake Park events, New York State Fair), and conducted a phone survey of 500-plus county residents. EcoLogic compiled results into specific statements reflecting the community’s vision for a sustainable future, and, in 2007, brought these statements back to the community for reaction.

Visit the Onondaga Lake Partnership website to read the full Reconnecting with Onondaga Lake report (PDF) and learn more about this project.