EcoLogic has served as both prime consultant and multidisciplinary team member on projects involving the analysis and management of whole watersheds. Read more.

EcoLogic assesses biological resources at project sites, designing and conducting habitat assessments, fish and wildlife impact analyses, and freshwater mussel investigations to meet client needs based on project objectives and requirements of regulatory agencies. Read more.

EcoLogic specializes in translating complex scientific information so that it can be understood by everyone involved in water resource decisions. We conduct public outreach, engage stakeholders, and provide strategic guidance as well as technical writing and editing services. Read more.

Water quality is EcoLogic’s primary area of expertise, and we have completed projects to restore and protect some of the most important waterways in New York State and beyond. Read more.

Projects in environmentally sensitive areas require thorough knowledge of regulatory issues, permitting requirements, and State Environmental Quality Review compliance. EcoLogic can analyze impacts on receiving water and conduct water quality and ecosystem assessments. Read more.

State and federal and state agencies and funding programs increasingly encourage decision makers to consider climate change in water resources and ecosystem planning. EcoLogic helps clients address climate change in their planning, outreach, and regulatory compliance projects. Read more.