Environmental Communications

Successful project outcomes depend on stakeholders’ appreciation of the multifaceted challenges facing water resources in a community or region. EcoLogic specializes in translating complex scientific information so that it can be understood by everyone involved in local and regional environmental decisions. We link science and public policy, enabling community leaders and other stakeholders formulate solutions that are desired and achievable for their water resources.

Public Participation and Outreach. EcoLogic helps clients conduct public outreach and education on watershed and water quality-related projects: identifying stakeholders, presenting at public meetings and events, conducting surveys, facilitating focus groups, and responding thoughtfully to public comments. We use active listening techniques and integrate issues with sound science to help the community to understand and articulate central questions: Where are we now? Where are we going? Where do we want to be? How do we get there? We foster an environment that is respectful of all opinions, while remaining focused on the central issues.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement. Effective collaboration is crucial to protecting and restoring water resources, so EcoLogic helps to strengthen connections among scientists, policymakers, municipal leaders, businesses, community members, educators, and regulators—all of whom can contribute to a project’s success.

Strategic Communications. We help clients achieve their communication goals strategically by identifying target audiences and articulating key messages. Our staff develops and designs public presentations, data visualizations, posters, brochures, reports, success stories, and website content that enhances understanding of scientific, technical, and policy issues.

Technical Writing, Document Management, and Editorial Support. EcoLogic has extensive experience writing and editing policy and planning documents to fulfill agency requirements, integrating contributions and comments from multidisciplinary teams, and coordinating public and agency review.