Lake and Stream Restoration

Water quality is EcoLogic’s primary area of expertise, and we have completed projects to restore and protect some of the most important waterways in New York State and beyond. Balancing the demands of multiple uses of our lakes, rivers, streams, and estuaries is a challenge that requires excellent technical and scientific skills, coupled with a commitment to effective communications.

EcoLogic provides services to clients in the following areas:

  • Analysis of lake, stream, river, and estuarine water quality and ecosystem health
  • Lake restoration projects (expertise includes dredging, alum treatment, mixing devices)
  • Water quality monitoring program design, implementation, and reporting
  • Lake action plans
  • Stream restoration
  • Evaluation of macroinvertebrates, fish, and aquatic vegetation
  • Permit negotiations for water-quality-based effluent limits
  • Risk assessment of contaminated sediments