Watershed Science

Watershed management requires a broad understanding of aquatic ecosystems and the interface of science, public opinion, and policy. EcoLogic has successfully served as both prime consultant and multidisciplinary team member on projects involving the analysis and management of whole watersheds.

EcoLogic guides clients and their collaborators through key elements of the watershed planning process:

  • inventory of the watershed and waterbody
  • identification of point and nonpoint sources of pollution
  • pollutant loading estimates and measures to achieve load reductions
  • assessment of local laws, programs, and practices affecting water quality
  • estimates of technical and financial assistance needed
  • information and education for stakeholders
  • setting project schedule and measurable milestones
  • measuring and monitoring progress

EcoLogic has partnered on regional projects in New York’s Finger Lakes, the Mohawk River Basin, and the Lake Ontario Basin. We have led projects funded through the NYS Department of State’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), which supports community-based watershed planning, incorporating an economic development perspective with restoration and enhancement of water resources.